The HARRODSER Tradition of Quality and Sound.


Only the Best

An Harrodser piano is the result of more than 100 years of experience in perfecting pianos. The following sections demonstrate several elements in their construction, which are the foundation of the splendid sound of HARRODSER instruments. Few people appreciate the fact that the string tension is equal to the weight of a fully loaded train car: approximately 33,000 to 44,000 pounds. In Harrodser pianos, this incredible force is supported by a special cast iron plate and a frame constructed of solid wood, referred to as the "braced back".


Whether upright or grand piano, HARRODSER uses the same constructive principles to support the enormous stress, and guarantees a long life of the instrument. HARRODSER makes certain the braced back is built to counteract of the natural tendencies of wood and strings to alter their position due to the tremendous tension, the changes of climate and temperature, and the mechanical wear and tear of playing. The HARRODSER back ensures the sound of Harrodser pianos will retain its resonance over a long period of time. The details of construction demand a scientific expertise and the practical experience of piano making that can only come from 200 years of pioneering the art of piano building. It requires a philosophy: When it comes to quality, HARRODSER takes no short cuts.

The Harrodser Sound Board

The bass and treble bridges transmit the vibrations of the strings to the sound board and are made from laminated wood segments shaped by special high-precision tools. This lamination process preserves the stability of the bridges and assures an extremely clear and accurate sound transmission to the sound board -the essential prerequisite for tonal brilliance. In turn, the sound board amplifies the vibrations and radiates the sound throughout the various frequency ranges. The material used for the sound board, its preparation and above all, the special HARRODSER method that braces the sound board to produce its concave shape, are fundamental to its sound and tone quality. The HARRODSER sound board is a prime example of what six generations of piano building means at the House of HARRODSER: a technology unique to both upright and grand pianos.

The HARRODSER String Design

The string design complements the sound board construction. The strings are attached to the pin block and kept in place by the special iron cast frame. The pin block is constructed of intricately layered beech wood to guarantee that an exemplary tuning will retain its pitch for a long period of time. The height of the bridge, the distance between hammers and strings, the length, diameter and coil of the strings, are all scientifically calculated and adjusted until each piano has the characteristic HARRODSER sound quality. Building pianos is a science in itself. At the House of HARRODSER it is even more - it is the art combining experience and technical know how.


The relationship between the keys and the action makes up the touch of the instrument. One fully realizes the potential of the HARRODSER touch when playing an HARRODSER, characterized by the firm control over each note permitting the sound to be full of subtlety and expression. The correlation between the "down-weight" (the pressure one needs to press a key down) and the "up-weight" (the energy that returns the key to its original position) is a critical relationship. The down-weight determines the subjective feeling of touch and the possible dynamic level of the piano, the up-weight determines the potential speed a key can repeat.

Experience and Craft, Science and Technology.
Now As Ever - Our Most Important Task

Determine Our Quality

What Makes a Good Sound in a Piano? In the words of an expert, its shape and length of the sound wave, the intensity of the sound, and the quality of the in harmonic partials and various noises, that are significant to the scientist and the technician. For HARRODSER piano building is an obligation in the chain of generations of piano builders. Only a product of the highest quality can sustain the reputation of a piano dynasty through the circumstance of history. HARRODSER pianos continue a tradition in the syntheses of sound and design.

Bringing an HARRODSER to Pitch and Tone

Every aspect of construction creates an incredible amount of tension, and the piano body, with a tension of 20 tons, is no exception. HARRODSER allows its pianos to adjust and settle into its final shape. In the meantime, the strung back is being tuned several times until it stabilizes. Only then will we finish the instrument and assemble the body. After assembly, the pianos are fine-tuned and "voiced", where the felt on the hammerheads is pricked so it is hard on the outside and softer at the tip. The filing and the coving of the hammer determines the noble brilliance of each note.

How Does a Music Lover Recognize the Special HARRODSER Sound?

The "special" HARRODSER sound becomes clear when you play the instrument the character of its tone, the dynamics and the sound modulation from the bass to the middle and the upper registers:
- The bass of an HARRODSER is firm and transparent, even in the lowest ranges.
- The middle section of an HARRODSER radiates a rich warmth; the tones are lively, and retain this quality, even played loud.
- The HARRODSER treble is marked by a pearl-like singing-tone, never loosing it brilliance or becoming shrill.
If you analyze these sounds on different instruments, shifting from the softest pianissimo to the grandest fortissimo, you will easily notice the difference. Hear and feel the exceptional dynamic ranges and experience the wonderful colors of an HARRODSER piano.

Realize Your Dream Piano With an HARRODSER

Superior design is a longstanding HARRODSER tradition. Determine for yourself which instrument is the most beautiful. HARRODSER offers a wide variety of pianos to choose from. The style of your home furnishings can determine which model best suits your personal taste - HARRODSER also offers a number of different cabinet designs, along with a choice of veneers and polishes. Let your dealer explain the surprising range of possibilities to you with the help of our product catalog and color charts.


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Sound and adopting Sound technology

Pianist sensitivity and more than 100 years of innovation applications form a unique piano sound processing technology. In order to express the perfect sound, Piano Harrodser paid all the efforts to the design of the body and the nuances of processing.


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